Friday, October 30, 2009

Time Bombs !

Have you ever seen one Time Bomb?
Well, Here's a collection of more than 1000!!!!

Well, these are interesting seeds which explodes (or "pops" to be more accurate) after ten-twenty seconds when they're exposed to moisture.

You should experience it to understand what I mean.
Well, those of you who had tried it from me when I was in IIT* might recall happily :)

But it's extremely difficult to collect so many. I'm bloody proud of my little cousin brothers Joel and Jerome, who had collected more than 1000 seeds (of two different species) in this season.
Their last season collection was lost in an accident! (he spilled water into the collection while demonstrating how to 'detonate' a bomb-seed for a local camera man--that'd be me.)

*Where to find Bomb seeds in IIT
1)-Look at the left edge of the sidewalk when you're walking from Main building to H11, you'll find them in the patch before the road to staff-hostel
2)-Look at the boundary hedge of the nursery on the left when you're walking from Convo to Hospital.

Or if you can come all the way down to Kerala.. we have plenty of them :D

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